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Miracles Redux

Doc Gumshoe looks at Dr. Al Sears and some "censored breakthroughs"

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", November 28, 2017

The last time Dr Al Sears crossed our path, his banner headline was that President Obama, “the most corrupt president in U. S. history,” issued a “Death Order” in 2016 that “could result in the needless deaths of 1.3 million American seniors this year.”   That “Death Order” consisted in the appointment of Robert Califf, MD, as Commissioner of Food and Drugs, on February 16, 2016.   Sears’ implication in that urgent bulletin was that Dr Califf would use his position to deny Americans the right to use a great many supposedly life-saving drugs.  That was the sum total of Obama’s “Death Order.”

Sears’ most recent revelation was entitled “A New Era in Medicine,” and led off with this bombshell:

“Donald Trump just made his biggest health move EVER… 

A move that could free us from the stranglehold of the $1.2 TRILLION pharmaceutical industry.

And if you or a loved one are suffering from ANY disease — cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis…

Then Trump’s move has potentially life-saving implications for you.

It all comes down to a shocking ban on the biggest disease-fighting breakthroughs…

FDA’s Ban Kills Two Million Americans Each Year 

A ban that’s kept the most powerful treatments out of your hands. 

Trump’s FDA Move Unleashes Natural Cures for Cancer, Heart Disease, and Alzheimer’s…

That Could Save 2 MILLION American Lives Each Year… “

So, while Obama had, according to Sears, condemned more than a million of us to death, Trump was doing the opposite, and even more.   What exactly did President Trump do?   Here’s what Sears says:

“Trump turned to a man who is about to change the entire way the FDA operates.

His name is Dr. Scott Gottlieb.

You may have never heard of him, but soon everyone will.

Because as new FDA Director, he’s about to overturn their ban on the biggest breakthroughs…

A ban known as “off-limit labeling.”

To understand what this means, let me give you an example.

Take vitamin K2.

It’s not a prescription drug. It’s safe and cheap.

And according to a new study it slashes heart disease risk by over 57%!

That’s incredible.

But your cardiologist can’t just go: take vitamin K2, it will lower your risk of heart disease.

That would violate this ban!

Instead he has to prescribe the latest fancy new drug…

One that pads Big Pharma’s bank account, but will have the same results as aspirin…

Or, worse, their drug will have LESS results with MORE side effects.

That’s how it usually goes. In other words…

This FDA Ban FORCES Doctors To Prescribe Weak, Dangerous, and Expensive Drugs”

I can’t quite see how the so-called “off-limit labeling” ban would prevent a physician from prescribing Vitamin K2.   For a start, that ban isn’t really a ban, but a recommendation.    E.g., because of the potential for liver damage, acetaminophen should not be taken in doses greater than 325 mg, and the labeling on the package should so state.  And as for vitamin K2, it doesn’t need to be prescribed, because it can be bought without a prescription for about fifteen bucks for a hundred pills.   That substance, not technically a vitamin, does appear to have potential cardiac benefits, and it certainly is not banned.

Let’s for the moment try to get to the bottom of whatever it is that Sears is pitching.   His thesis is simple, and you’ve certainly heard it before.   Stated briefly, it is that our medical/pharmaceutical/regulatory complex, acting purely out of greed, has prevented Americans from benefiting from the natural, near-miraculous “cures” that keep the populations of other regions disease-free and in excellent health.

A bit more from the Truth as Revealed by Dr Al Sears:

“Hi, my name is Dr. Al Sears, M.D.

But I’m not like any medical doctor you may know of.

I put my boots on the ground, traveling to dozens of countries every year.

Places that are free of many of the disease that impact us here in America.

Where they don’t experience the same rates of cancer, Alzheimer’s and diabetes.

Where their elderly are just as vital, mobile, strong and sharp.

And where aging — a disease that cripples and weakens millions of Americans — is non-existent.

The reason why is simple…

Natural cures are part of their everyday lives — including their diets, rituals, and medicine…

But things are very different here in the U.S.A.

Instead we consume the MOST toxic pills created by the drug industry.

We use the most surgeries, the most hospital visits, the most mainstream medicine.

Yet we still die from diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s at the world’s highest rates.

It’s no secret that our health — just like America — has been on a downward spiral for decades.”

I wonder which countries Dr Al Sears is talking about, where aging is non-existent because of the wonderful benefits of natural cures.   According to the World Health Organization, life expectancy in the US is 79.3 years, which is far from the best in the world, but not all that bad.   Japan, where life expectancy is 83.7 years, Switzerland (83.4), Australia (82.8), Canada (82.2), as well as most European nations, have the US beat.   On the other hand, life expectancy is not so terrific in some countries which might be thought as free from the curse of Western medicine, such as Sierra Leone, where life expectancy is 50.1 years, or Nigeria (54.5), or Fiji (61.1).   Where exactly did Sears put his “boots on the ground” and find a healthy paradise?

It is true that rates of diseases like Alzheimer’s and most cancers are much lower in Sierra Leone et al, but I don’t think it’s because people there have access to the natural cures that are supposedly forbidden here in the US.   The elementary reason is that those diseases mostly affect older folks, and people in those less-regulated nations just don’t live long enough.   They die of other causes at a younger age.

It’s obvious that the chief causes of death have changed over time.   When we came down out of the trees and tried to eke out a living on the savannah, lots of our ancestors were eaten by lions and tigers.   These days, not so many of us meet our ends that way.   A mere century ago, infectious diseases carried off immense numbers of us, and by mid-century, heart attacks were the biggest killers.   Infectious diseases are still a threat, as are heart attacks, but nowadays many more of us survive those particular threats.   We survive to be threatened by cancers, and also by Alzheimer’s disease.   And when we learn to combat those diseases more effectively, which I’m confident we will, some other health threat will emerge to take us to our reward.   That will not mean that we have defeated the aging process, only that we have slowed it down.

However, returning to the Sears doctrine, we can be quite sure that it is not the “natural cures” in the “diets, rituals, and medicine” of the inhabitants of Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and Canada that have rewarded them with better life expectancy than in the US.   I suspect that it has more to do with the way their medical systems are organized.   But let us not venture into politics here.

We can be quite sure that Sears’ grievance against the Food and Drug Administration centers on the way the FDA deals with the supplements industry.   Compared with regulation of drugs, the FDA has very little regulatory oversight regarding nutritional supplements, or “neutraceuticals,” or vitamins, or, indeed, any of the kinds of pills or tablets that are not, strictly speaking, drugs.   However, there is one specific restriction on supplements that arouses the ire of many “naturopaths,” as they are sometimes called: they may not state that they treat any medical condition or disease, whether in their advertising or on their packaging.   The farthest they can go in that direction is to make a simple statement that they support bone health or cardiac health or the immune system or the nervous system or something like that.

The FDA has twice attempted to regulate supplements – once in the 1970s, when megavitamins were becoming a huge trend, and again in the 1990s.   Both times, their efforts were defeated in Congress.   The FDA does require that supplements manufacturers keep records of the safety of their products; however, that information does not need to be submitted to the FDA in order for the supplement to be sold.   From time to time, the FDA does get take action against specific supplements for safety reasons.   For example, the FDA has just issued a warning against six weight-loss supplements because they contain banned stimulants, mostly analogues of amphetamine/methamphetamine, which can cause severe and potentially fatal side effects including strokes and myocardial infarctions.

However, the FDA’s action was not based either on information provided to the FDA by the supplement makers/marketers, nor yet on the FDA’s own research.   Instead, it was based on a paper (Cohen PA Clinical Toxicology 08/11/17) published just a couple of weeks ago, in which it was reported that these weight-loss supplements contained two stimulants that had already been banned by the FDA, along with two other stimulants that were minor modifications of the banned stimulants.   That follows a pattern that satisfies neither the constituency that believes that the FDA should be more vigilant in monitoring supplements, nor yet the constituency that wants the FDA to keep hands off the supplements market.

Al Sears clearly belongs to the latter group, and he hopes that Trump’s appointment of Dr Scott Gottlieb will turn the FDA to the “hands off” approach.   In which case, an “all clear” might be Trump-eted to the supplements industry.

Which particular miracle cures is Dr Al Sears touting this time?

Let’s get to it quickly.   Here’s the first one:

“Censored Breakthrough #1:
Cellular Treatment Proven to REVERSE Diabetes by Harvard, MIT and the Salk Institute

Harvard alone has tasked over 1,000 scientists to conduct studies on this breakthrough.

And the Big Pharma giant Novo, the No.1 maker of metformin, is scrambling to get patents on it.

But here’s the thing…

You do NOT have to wait 10 years for it to finish FDA clinical trials.

If you or a loved one are suffering from the ravages of diabetes, you can get your hands on it today.

Without a prescription, or even medical insurance.

In fact, at the Sears Institute for Anti-Aging Medicine, my patients have used it for years, with remarkable results.

I’m talking about stem cell therapy.

And although this treatment has attracted some controversy in recent years…

The world’s most prestigious institutions are making some remarkable breakthroughs in the field.

Most of all in diabetes.

According to a recent study from MIT and Harvard University…

Stem cell treatment erased diabetes in mice, without insulin injections or invasive surgeries.

Another recent study from Salk Institute used a similar stem cell therapy…

And found they were able to flip a molecular switch that “turns off” diabetes in mice.

Why is stem cell treatment so effective against diabetes?”

Answer: current research suggests that stem cells might be able to be used to grow new pancreatic beta cells, which are the cells that produce insulin.   In humans with diabetes, these cells have essentially stopped working, mostly because insulin receptors throughout the body have drastically declined in sensitivity, so the beta cells have to keep upping the amount of insulin they pump out until the whole mechanism collapses.   But so far, stem cell research has been limited to animal models, such as mice.   Before stem cells can be used in humans, lots of research needs to be done, and this is not because Big Pharma or the FDA are impeding progress.   Now, whether Al Sears is actually using stem cells to treat diabetes, or anything else, at his Anti-Aging Institute, I cannot say.   But I wonder, exactly what is he talking about?

Here’s his hint:

“But what nobody is saying about stem cells is that you do NOT have to wait for FDA approval.

You don’t even have to see the doctor.

After all, the cure already exists inside YOU.


You can power your body’s natural capacity to produce stem cells from the comfort of your home. And you can do it using four surprising, safe remedies.

Discover how — including the full details on these remedies — in my new dossier:”

Okay, I think we have it.   He’s suggesting that his “ four surprising, safe remedies” will trigger the growth of stem cells in our bodies, which will in turn cause new pancreatic beta cells to be formed.   And you don’t even have to see the doctor, because presumably you can purchase those remedies from – guess who? – Dr Al Sears!   Presto, problem solved.   And, by the way, that same treatment will cure blindness, by growing new cells in our retinas!

Quite a few supplements advertised as supporting stem cell development are currently available, including some that combine several different supplements in one preparation.   They may be either citrus or strawberry-banana flavored.   Take your pick.

However … a late-breaking bulletin …

We can’t be sure that Dr Scott Gottlieb is the answer to the dreams of Dr Al Sears. We don’t know whether Sears is using supplements to boost stem cell growth, or, as many stem cell clinics do, using belly fat liposuctioned from patients and then processed to extract stem cells which are then reinjected into the patients.   But the new FDA rules, pronounced by Gottlieb on November 16th, may be a mixed bag for Sears and his fellow practitioners.   The FDA has set criteria for the Regenerative Medicine Advanced Therapy (RMAT) designation, based on the 21st Century Cures Act.    This designation applies to procedures and devices that enable regenerative treatments, which include stem cell therapy, and, if these qualify on the basis of promising clinical evidence of efficacy, grant those procedures/devices fast-track and breakthrough designation.

Sounds good so far, yes?   But the FDA edict specifies that if the stem cell treatment is based on reinjected belly fat, then the process must meet FDA safety standards.   The FDA warned that several patients have been blinded after fat-derived stem cells were injected into their eyes, and also urged consumers to be aware that “some unscrupulous providers offer stem cell products that are both unapproved and unproven,” pointing out that some of those products may be harmful.

Really, what Sears would prefer is no scrutiny from the FDA at all.   But it doesn’t look as though he’s going to get his wish.

Okay, next?

“Censored Breakthrough #2:
The 8th Element – Cure for ALL 213 Types of Cancer?

Its discovery was first made by Otto Heinrich Warburg… a German molecular biologist who won the Nobel Prize in 1931.

He found that the 8th Element is behind THE secret.

As in, the secret to what makes cancer cells… what makes them grow, metastasize and spread.

Something that’s confounded medicine for over a century.

But it doesn’t stop there…

When you understand the root cause, you can find the antidote. And that’s exactly what the 8th Element is…

A novel way to eradicate cancer tumors permanently… every kind of cancer from prostate to pancreatic — without EVER touching healthy cells… and without pain, nausea, or hair loss.”

That may sound familiar to Gumshoe denizens.   Dr Otto Warburg’s surefire cure for cancer was revived by Brad Lemley earlier this year, and was the subject of a Doc Gumshoe epistle on March 14th entitled “The Miracle Cures Keep Coming.”   Here’s a bit from that piece:

“Dr Warburg propounded the theory that the single cause of cancer was a change in the way the mitochondria in some cells metabolized glucose.   In most cells, glucose is metabolized by oxidation, but in some cells glucose can undergo anaerobic metabolism, i.e., without oxygen.   It is those cells that become cancerous, according to Dr Warburg’s research.    His belief was that all one had to do to prevent the development of cancer cells was cut off the glucose supply to those errant mitochondria.   Accomplishing this is, unfortunately for those who subscribe to Warburg’s credo, well-nigh impossible.   That’s because, regardless of whether we consume sugar or carbohydrates, we convert a great part of whatever goes in our stomachs into glucose, which is the prime energy source, not only for those perverted little mitochondria in cancerous cells, but for all the cells in our bodies.

Warburg knew this, but he thought that cancer could be controlled by decreasing blood glucose levels.   As cancer research progressed, and the evidence mounted that a considerable number of other factors could cause cancer, Warburg persisted in the belief that his theory was the only fundamental explanation and that the later evidence was nothing more than a distraction from the essential truth that glucose was the cause.”

The 8th element, if you consult the periodic table, is of course oxygen.   Dr Sears’s notion is that by making sure the body absorbs oxygen, those mitochondria could be weaned off glucose and prevented from becoming cancerous.   The secret of how to accomplish that will be revealed to the lucky few who respond to his kind offer:

“You can use the miracle of oxygen to rid your body of ALL types of cancer — FOREVER.

So does that mean you can cure yourself by going outside right now and inhaling as much air as possible?

Of course not.

In fact, for shocking reasons you’re about to see, this could actually INCREASE your risk of cancer.


Instead, there are dozens of very simple therapies — ones you can apply at home — to boost oxygen delivery to your cells, and treat ANY type of cancer.

These therapies allow you to sidestep Big Pharma’s “slash and burn” cancer treatments.

I’ve included them in my dossier…”

So that’s how Dr Sears cures cancer.   It doesn’t seem to matter that Otto Warburg’s cure didn’t work 80 years ago.   Dr Sears has figured out the secret and is willing to share it with the wise folks who join his campaign to bring miraculous health cures the American people who have long been kept in the dark by the evil pharmaco-medical complex, etc, etc.

And now for the third cure.   This one you’ve surely heard about already.

“Censored Breakthrough #3:
$1 pill cures Alzheimer’s in 90 days 

In Far Eastern villages — where it remains a staple today — Alzheimer’s is virtually non-existent.

According to a doctor at a major California university, the elders of these villages have the lowest rate of Alzheimer’s in the world — less than 1%.



Compare that to America, where the rate is closer to 33%.

Prostate, colon, lung, and other types of cancer are also negligible.

In the United States, in fact, cancer rates are up to 13 times higher.”

To reveal Dr Sears’ secret, that $1 pill is a formulation of curcumin.   There was a whole Doc Gumshoe piece devoted to that, entitled “Somewhere Between ‘The Next Aspirin’ and ‘An Ingredient in Curry,’” which posted on 22 March 2016.   In his current blast, Sears re-preaches most of his previous sermon, including the parts about how, out of greed and villainy, the FDA has suppressed this miraculous cure.   Here’s just a bit of that:

“The Medical Establishment’s Secret War
on This “Wonder Drug”

The fault lies at the doorstep of the FDA.

Even with the mountain of scientific research behind this “Wonder Drug”…

Research that shows its safety, ease-of-use, and complete absence of side effects…

And that it’s not only better than 19 FDA-approved drugs…

But treats hundreds of conditions — with results incomparable to anything else available…

The FDA has declared war on it.

They ruled that this spice can’t be added to compounded medications — medications prepared for you by specialized pharmacies.

This is unusual, especially since these pharmacies are supposed to develop personalized treatments — ones not even classified as drugs.

In other words, the FDA stepped outside of its jurisdiction to ban this perfectly safe treatment.

Sitting on this committee were over a dozen execs from the top pharmaceutical companies…

Companies that would stand to lose hundreds of billions if the decision had been different.

It’s truly corruption on an unimaginable scale. And your health, your life, and your family are the ultimate victims.”

From what I can tell at this moment, nothing much has changed with regard to curcumin/turmeric since that Doc Gumshoe piece a couple of years ago.   The essentials are as follows:

There is genuine scientific interest in the potential benefit of curcumin.   So far, some small benefit has been found with regard to osteoarthritis.   One very small randomized controlled study (53 subjects) compared a supplement containing curcumin plus glucosamine and chondroitin with placebo; both groups of subjects also received exercise therapy.   No surprise, the patients taking the supplement had less pain than those on placebo.  However, this study offered no evidence that it was the curcumin in the supplement that delivered the benefit rather than the glucosamine or chondroitin. There seems to be no question, however, about the safety of curcumin/turmeric.

There is one important problem with using curcumin as a drug: it is very difficult to get enough of the active ingredient into the circulation to have any therapeutic effect whatever. It is very poorly absorbed when taken orally, and it has a very short half-life, meaning that the duration of action is brief. In many laboratory studies, injectable formulations have been employed in an attempt to boost effectiveness.  These, however, are not available as supplements and are only used in research settings.

What does Dr Al Sears want you to do?

In a word, subscribe to his membership service:

“That’s why I’m inviting you to join my inner circle of confidential insiders… a select group who wants an unrestricted, in-depth look at the cures, advice and healing secrets that are transforming the lives of the people who use them.

I call this new membership service Confidential Cures: Your Guide to Truth and Lies in Medicine from Around the World.

As a member of this privileged group, you’ll have unrestricted access to information and advice you can act on immediately — information that will come to you on a monthly basis.

There’s a modest fee I’ll ask you to pay for this exclusive membership service, but it comes to less than the price of your morning coffee.”


The fee is indeed small – $39 per annum – but you can bet that Dr Sears is expecting to make a few bucks by selling his supplements directly, so as to pay for the 20,000 miles per year that he logs in Amazonian jungles and paradisiacal islands searching for those miracle cures that he offers his privileged group.

Is it possible that Dr Al Sears is doing more harm than good?

My guess is that these spiels – Al Sears, Brad Lemley, and their ilk – might indeed cause some harm, and not because they induce people to take the touted miracle pill, which probably won’t do any harm and might do some good.   The harm occurs when some of those people, in the belief that they are doing whatever they need to do to cure their illness and preserve their health, turn their backs on established medical treatment, sometimes with dire outcomes.   Medical practice doesn’t generally dangle the promise of outright total cures; instead the focus is on extending life and maintaining health, and, by and large, medical practice is reasonably good at attaining those goals – and getting better.   Demonizing Western medicine and damming the entire pharmaceutical industry as being nothing but profit driven is a marketing strategy that works well for the supplements industry, but does not work well for the populace.   And then, when supplements marketers are accused of being deceitful, the usual response of the alternative health movement is that it’s just an attack by Big Pharma intended to protect their profits.


And it’s worth keeping in mind that the supplements industry also has its eye on making a buck.   Yes, supplements marketers are prevented by the FDA from advertising their wares as cures or treatments for any medical disease or condition, but that prohibition is easily circumvented.   All they need to do is enlist spokesmen, like Dr Al Sears, to bang the drum and sound the trumpet for their products.

* * * * * * *

In many of the comments that Doc Gumshoe pieces receive – mind you, I appreciate them all! – I detect the fairly common line of reasoning that because natural substances cannot be patented, pharmaceutical companies cannot make any money by creating drugs from natural substances and therefore attempt to squelch any such drugs that would compete with their own patented high-priced artificial products, which are almost always accompanied by dangerous side effects, and are sometimes even outright toxic.   There’s lots wrong with that line of reasoning, the principal fatal fault being that although the original natural substance cannot be patented, a huge number of the most useful and successful patented drugs come from those natural substances.   What the pharmaceutical companies do is identify the active component, figure out how it works and how much is the right dose and how to extract it or synthesize it.   The process as well as the end result can indeed be patented, and it is fundamental to drug development.   I’ll say more about drug development and how the FDA tries to regulate it in a future piece.   Best to all, Michael Jorrin (aka Doc Gumshoe)



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5 years ago

Dear Doc Gumshoe, Thank you for an excellent article (as usual) — be sure that it will be forwarded to my more giant conspiracy-minded friends. One Question: Can you provide any scientific references for the role of vitamin K-2 supplements in cardiac health (I need documentation for my MD)?

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5 years ago

Doc. Thanks for writing in layman’s language.

👍 1618