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Friday File: Pot Patents and Gold Miners

Checking out an FDA Trader teaser, plus some updates on gold and REITs

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, July 23, 2016

This week I’ve got a little teaser decipherization for you to get us started, and we’ve also got a new piece from Dr. KSS… and I’ve got some updated thoughts on a few other stocks at the end of today’s piece.

The teaser? Well, it’s been circulating for a few weeks now, and it caught my attention because of the reference to royalties, since some of my favorite reduced-risk business model investments are royalty companies (though the gleam in my eye was pretty quickly dimmed, frankly).

The ad we’re looking at is for FDA Trader, edited by Ray Blanco — has helmed a variety of technology letters for Agora Financial and been in charge at FDA Trader for a while, perhaps I should start you off by warning that the last two teasers we covered from that newsletter were Peregrine Pharmaceuticals back in February, and Anavex last Fall — neither has done well, though Anavex has always been driven by early-stage press news and has rebounded lately on some preclinical news, along with perennial hope for their potential Alzheimer’s Disease treatment). Here’s the lead-in to the pitch:

“I want you to take a close look at the patent you see on your screen right now…

“It’s patent #6630507…

“And as you’re about to see, it could easily prove to be the most profitable patent in the history of health care.

“More profitable than Purdue Pharmaceutical’s patent for pain medication OxyContin… which has generated $35 billion in sales…

“More profitable than Bristol-Myers Squibb’s patent for Plavix… which topped $73 billion…

“And more profitable than Pfizer’s patent for the cholesterol breakthrough drug, Lipitor… the best-selling drug in history, with sales in excess of $130 billion.”

OK, so you don’t actually see it on your screen — you’ll have to take my word for it. If you really want to see it, you can find it here — it’s a patent filing for cannibinoids as antioxidants by some government researchers, with the patent assigned to the US Government. It hadn’t actually occured to me that the government could patent things and receive patent royalties, since they can’t copyright government publications (which is the kind of thing I’m more likely to think about, copyright is a big deal to us publishing types), but I guess it makes sense.

(I looked up some of the detail since I was curious ...

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