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Tomorrow: “The Biggest Gold Story of the Last 50 Years Hits the Press?” (McCoach)

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, March 2, 2010

“This tiny gold outfit already tripled investor’s money since we first alerted you one year ago! But over the next five minutes, find out how Wednesday’s historic news could triple your money… AGAIN!”

That’s how the latest missive for Greg McCoach’s Insider Alert gets started — McCoach also runs a wider-circulation newsletter called Mining Speculator that I know many of my readers have sampled in the past, but his Insider Alert is the “upgrade” newsletter, they’re currently asking about $2,000 a year for a subscription.

And if you do subscribe, they’ll tell you all about this stock — they’ve been calling it the “biggest gold story of the last X years” since they first started teasing this miner close to a year ago, though at the time it was the biggest story of the last 14 years and now, 10 months later, it’s the biggest gold story of the last 50 years. Either way, certainly a big enough story to look at, eh?

On the odd chance that you’re not eager to pony up two grand for a newsletter in order to learn about this idea, however, I thought perhaps I’d take a quick look, make sure this is still the same company I thought it was last May, and share some details with you.

The first clue is that the shares are up 200% since McCoach first recommended the stock about a year ago, the stock is currently at about $1.05 (or was when this ad campaign was written) … and then he goes on to include a few clues in his pitch:

“You see, I recently returned from what could be – and scores of geologists agree 100% – the greatest gold exploration discovery in the past 50 years.

“It’s located only a few miles outside Timmins, Ontario.

“For those of you who don’t know, Timmins sits right in the heart of one of the greatest gold belts in the entire world, the famous Abitibi Greenstone Belt.

“In fact, it’s been churning out the yellow metal for so long (since 1907) that the entire region’s been dubbed ‘Elephant Country.'”

And McCoach says that he had a phone conversation with an eager investing friend who’s apparently great at picking hot mining stocks, talking about this particular property … this is how he recounts the conversation:

“‘Did you see it?! Did you see it?! They announced it! 12.17 grams per ton! The stock launched 56% today! It’s there! It’s [expletive] huge! They think it’s the same gold system that runs under Timmins… it’s just a little deeper under the ground! You have to see this report! This could be massive! I’ll fax it over!'”

The property is apparently one that used to be owned by Cameco, the big uranium producer, before they started shedding their gold properties:

“Fortunately for us, Cameco basically gave the property away… with all of the work pretty much done!

“In fact by 2002, according to a 627-page report they filed with the Ontario Ministry for Mines, Cameco drilled 15 holes and collected 1,067 gold samples in the property. Each one showed extreme potential for high gold mineralization.

“Here’s an excerpt directly from that 627 page report:

“‘These results, although not economic so far, are indicative of a large gold system. It is part of a major deformation corridor, traced by drilling for more than two kilometers along strike, up to 1.5 kilometers wide and more than 600 meters deep.'”

The teaser also includes a chart of the stock’s movements over the past year, showing that movement from the .20-40 cent range up to the current $1+, so that’s enough to confirm for me that this is still the same stock. And the last bit of temptation, the urgency that’s probably sending new subscribers rushing to get into McCoach’s letter (or so they hope, at least), is that they’re releasing some kind of results soon, as early as tomorrow. Here’s how they put it:

“And to make matters even more urgent and impressive, the company has some explosive news they expect to announce regarding their latest drill results as early as Wednesday!

“In other words, in 24 hours from now, the stock could skyrocket!

“And judging from the absolute swarm of trading on it lately, those results aren’t just going to be coming back soon – but could turn out to launch this outfit’s share price several times higher!

“In fact, as I write this, mega-firms across Europe already have massive funding deals on the table.

“… Deals so large that the share price could easily triple – AGAIN – as soon as their results are announced!”

So … the stock? This must be, as I first suspected back in May, Explor Resources (EXS in Canada, EXSFF on the pink sheets).

And I don’t know if it will triple again when they release their latest information, but certainly a company of this tiny size that gets this much attention generally flies … at least temporarily … and the stock is already up about 25% today as I type, on about twice the normal trading volume.

As for news from drilling, they do have drilling underway right now at at least one of their exploration targets in the Abitibi-Greenstone belt in Ontario (they have several target zones in a fairly small area that neighbors Xstrata’s Kidd Creek Mine as well as big discoveries by West Timmins Mining and others). I didn’t see any clear announcements about when they might release the drilling results, but I suppose it could be fairly soon. They are exhibiting at a conference next week, which will probably also help to drive a little more attention.

This is a stock that I know a lot of my readers have been interested in over the past year, following up on that original McCoach teaser, and it has certainly been one of the stronger teaser picks of the past year (it really is up by more than 200% so far, especially given today’s additional jump). You can see my original note about it here from last May, though I was more cautious about identifying the stock then — this time, with the definitive clue of the stock chart in the teaser ad and a few more tidbits under my belt, I can be more certain that this is really Explor Resources.

Can I be certain that they will release stunning drill results, or make you millions? Well, I think we all know better than that — and I can say that these kinds of promises of spectacular drilling results being imminent usually overstate the urgency of getting into the stock right away, or imply that the newsletter editor knows more than he does about the likely date when they’ll release data … for obvious reasons (rarely do you see a newsletter that says, “quick, think about this stock and maybe buy it in a few months!”). And I will say that I’m quite sure that Greg McCoach knows a lot more about mining and mining stocks than I do, and that he seems awfully excited about this stock.

That’s not enough to guarantee a huge hit, and he’s certainly teased stocks before that didn’t do very well (Canadian Zinc comes to mind from a few years ago, but that one is at least recovering more recently) … at least now you can do a bit of research on your own and see if you’re interested in Explor. After seeing the big moves this stock is making, I thought I’d better at least share the name of the stock, but I don’t know much more about how their story has progressed of late.

If you’re one of those who’s been trading this stock over the past year or so, let us know what you think … and what you think we should expect in the months to come. And of course, if you’ve subscribed to any of McCoach’s letters, please review them for us — we have a couple reviews on file for his less expensive Mining Speculator, but haven’t heard from any subscribers to his Insider Alert yet.



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12 years ago

There has to be more than punishment for a bad press release to explain the dump EXS mentality that happened day 1 after our trusty Gumshoe’s interpretation of the teaser.

Any idea’s ?


12 years ago

What’s the outlook for NOX

12 years ago

From: Michael
Date: Wed, 10 Mar 2010 16:17:53 -0500

Thanks for your message and sorry I couldn’t get back to you earlier, as we were tied up at the PDAC Mining

conference in Toronto from Sunday to today.

It will be a few weeks for the results of the final three holes in the Timmins West project to be released as some

of the core has not yet been sent to the lab for assay. It is still in the process of being logged.

I believe that the Carnegie results are also a few weeks away from being ready.

It is anticipated that the new, 20,000 m drill program on the Timmins West property will commence around the end

of March. This program is designed to further test the downward extension of the mineralization model.


Michael D’Amico

+1 (647) 500-6023


Sent: March-09-10 12:04 AM

Hi Michael,

I am an investor/current shareholder.

Can you please tell me when we should be able to see the drill test results of CARNEGIE property(approximate month

time frame).

When can we expect the phase 2 results of Explor’s Timmins Porcupine West Diamond Drill Program Update? Just give

me an approximate time frame.

I would appreciate. when you get a chance please share upcoming events/schedule for Explore.

Thanks & Regards, xxxxxxx

12 years ago

Can you all say … PUMP & DUMP!! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Charles cornwallis
Charles cornwallis
12 years ago

show me

James Marx
James Marx
12 years ago

From a Mining perspective, the EXS
results are average to good, depending on the mineralization of the ore body. They did not hit it out of the park, as Greg said they
would. They need a larger resource
base now to be a profitable mine or to be a buyout target. If there are no ‘major’ finds on the Explor Property, it will be assimilated as Lake Shores property was, at a reasonable price, by West Timmins,
or another near-by producer, to increase their resource base and mine life. (I do have a small holding of EXS, and may do more if price drops to vulture levels..The
drill bit can be a fickle lady one day and forgiving the next!!)


11 years ago

pump and fump time and time again with this company

compro oro Aosta
10 years ago