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Should you “Own This Sleeper Stock Before April 30, 2015?”

Friday File look at a gold miner teased by Louis James at Casey Research

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, April 10, 2015

I’ll be on the road today, dear friends and Irregulars, so I’ll send this Friday File out in the morning since it’s (uncharacteristically) ready before the market open. Enjoy!

Well, there’s no question about what Irregulars want covered in the Friday File this week… the latest pitch from Louis James at Casey Research about a “sleeper stock” gold miner that’s trading at a steep discount has the attention of many of our readers. So what’s he selling?

I mean, other than subscriptions — that’s pretty clear, they’d like you to subscribe to Casey International Speculator for $899.

But what’s the company that he’s saying is going to be “The World’s Next Great High-Grade Gold Producer?” I can’t tell you that I’ll be able to provide an expert analysis of the mine, that’s beyond my geological ken, but I’m sure the Thinkolator can sniff out the name of the company for us.

Here’s the intro that caught the eye of so many of you:

“Own This ‘Sleeper Stock’ Before April 30, 2015

“This deeply undervalued mining company is about to surprise the market with a HUGE announcement…

“But the opportunity may not last beyond April 30….

“I’ve been watching this company closely for years… and it’s about to pay off.

“It’s an extremely well-funded operation working a high-grade gold deposit 8x richer than the average mine.

“And in just a few months, it’s scheduled to throw the switch on a brand-new mine and start producing gold for the very first time….

“But what makes this one so unique is that the market is largely ignoring it.

“Due to the unprecedented correction holding down the resource sector, shares of this company are currently trading well below book.

“This is your chance to invest in an advanced-stage producer at a dramatic discount… just before its true value is realized.”

A compelling argument, a near-term deadline to spark some greed… that’s good stuff. This copywriter deserves a raise. What is this company? For that we’ll have to sift through some more of the specific clues:

“Currently, the resource model includes over 2 million ounces of gold, averaging 8.0 grams per tonne (g/t).”

Ok so that sounds pretty good — and that’s certainly high grade… I’m no geologist, but there are plenty of mines I see teased that have gram/tonne numbers of half that number or below. But did ...

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