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Why We Take the Bait

Doc Gumshoe looks at some more health promos -- what's the "Universal Vaccine?"

By Michael Jorrin, "Doc Gumshoe", June 12, 2019

One would think that it would take a person of normal intelligence about half a minute to conclude that lures such as the ones below could not possibly be on the up and up.   Here’s one.  It starts out with a note from Christine O’Brien.

“The Sovereign Investor Daily

A brand new, ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ is available RIGHT NOW … if you act fast.

It works differently than the vaccines you got as a kid, but this incredible 100% natural “Alzheimer’s vaccine” is saving lives.

Results are amazing doctors across the country … every leading medical school on the planet — Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and UCLA recognize it as essential.

If you’re over 55 — this ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ is a MUST….

— Christine O’Brien

P.S. The ‘Alzheimer’s vaccine’ works even if you’re already experiencing memory loss. In one study, damage was reversed in 99% of patientsBut you need to act fast, find out where to get it here…

Then, if you click on the link, the interminable presentation starts out with this:

“Nobel Prize-Winning Chemist Unlocks ‘Universal Vaccine’ for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, & Alzheimer’s

“Survival Rates Soar 2,000% as Tumors VANISH… Blood Sugar PLUNGES…
Arteries CLEAR… and Lost Memories are RESTORED!”

And here’s the identical presentation but under a different title, also starting out with a note from that same Christine:

Restore American

“Dear Patriot,

“Imagine walking into your local pharmacy tomorrow morning at 10:00 am…

“And walking out 15 minutes later feeling INVINCIBLE…



Today, thanks to a Nobel Prize-winning discovery, that dream has become a reality.

“In fact, an all-in-one “Universal Vaccine” based on a 1912 discovery is now available in the United States…

“And at this moment, ‘inoculated’ against cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, heart disease and more…

“If you’re over 55, the “Universal Vaccine” is a MUST.

Go here now for all the details.



And Christine’s nice little note is followed by the identical interminable spiel, with the identical header, with the reference to the “Nobel Prize-winning discovery,” the 2000% increase in survival rates, and the amazingly high degree of effectiveness against cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease, all these bolstered by claims that tumors vanish, blood sugar plunges, arteries clear, and lost memories come flooding back.

There’s yet another spiel, under yet another header, making not quite identical claims. Here’s how it leads off:

“Overlooked for decades, SHOCKING new research indicates…

“This deadly ‘sleeper’ virus triggers Alzheimer’s

“If you were born before 1967, there’s a 90% chance you have it. Here’s how to deactivate the virus that is stealing your memories—and REVERSE the damage that’s already been done…

“Are you worried about the increasing number of ‘senior moments’ you’re having?

“Do you struggle with brain fog and fatigue?

“Is your memory getting progressively worse?

“If you answered yes to any of these questions… please don’t assume your symptoms are just a natural part of growing older.

“What you’re about to hear will SHOCK you… but it could also save your life, or the life of a loved one.

“Because the alarming truth is, you may be infected with a deadly “sleeper” virus.

“In fact, if you were born before 1967, you have a staggering 90% chance of having it.

“Left untreated…

This common virus actually trigger Alzheimer’s”

We’ll get to the identity of this “sleeper” virus later on, but first let’s see who these communications are coming from.

The common factor in these three presentations is that they come from Dr Glenn Rothfeld, a physician in Waltham, Massachusetts. Dr Rothfeld claims expertise in 17 different medical areas, including chronic fatigue syndrome, hormone replacement therapy (HRT), fibromyalgia, indigestion, arthritis, women’s health, check-up, nutritional support, chelation therapy, autoimmune diseases, influenza, vaccination, acupuncture, allergy, immunization, heartburn, and preventive medicine. You will perhaps note that these areas of expertise do not include any of the specific areas related to the diseases for which he claims to have the cures or “vaccines.” For cancer, that would be oncology; for Alzheimer’s, neurology; for heart disease, cardiology; for diabetes, endocrinology.

One give-away is that the presentations include a number of impressive claims that, on even minimal inspection, aren’t quite what they’re cracked up to be. For example, Dr Rothfeld says that he is proud to be a fellow of Harvard University. Who wouldn’t be? Being a member of the Harvard Society of Fellows is about as elevated an accolade as there is in academic life. But Dr Rothfeld is not a member of the Harvard Society of Fellows. He is a fellow of the Channing Laboratory, which is in the Department of Biostatistics at the Harvard Medical School. You won’t find much about the Channing Laboratory no matter where you look.

Another impressive claim is that the vaccine/cure is based on the discovery of a Nobel Prize-winning chemist back in 1912. The identity of the Nobel Prize winner is not disclosed, nor yet the nature of his discovery. However, a modest amount of sleuthing points to Dr Otto Warburg, who was indeed awarded a Nobel in 1931.

Warburg was born in 1883. By 1906 he had been awarded a doctorate in chemistry in Berlin. He was affiliated with the Naples Marine Biological Station from 1908 to 1914. It was there that he arrived at his theory of the primary cause of cancer, which is that cancer cells, unlike all other normal cells, derive their energy (and thus their growth and spread) not from oxygen, but from the fermentation of sugar.

This is not the first time that Dr Warburg has come up in Doc Gumshoe’s sermons. The last time was in a piece entitled “The Miracle Cures Keep Coming, which posted on March 14, 2017. That was about a promotion from Brad Lemley, which asserted that Warburg’s insight about the cause of cancer had been stifled, suppressed, buried, and erased by our government acting on behalf of the medical-pharmaceutical axis. Here’s some of what I said back then:

“Lemley does go on (eventually) to identify the source of this cure for cancer as Dr Warburg, who propounded the theory that the single cause of cancer was a change in the way the mitochondria in some cells metabolized glucose. In most cells, glucose is metabolized by oxidation, but in some cells glucose can undergo anaerobic metabolism, i.e., without oxygen. It is those cells that become cancerous, according to Dr Warburg’s research. His belief was that all one had to do to prevent the development of cancer cells was cut off the glucose supply to those errant mitochondria. Accomplishing this is, unfortunately for those who subscribe to Warburg’s credo, well-nigh impossible. That’s because, regardless of whether we consume sugar or carbohydrates, we convert a great part of whatever goes in our stomachs into glucose, which is the prime energy source, not only for those perverted little mitochondria in cancerous cells, but for all the cells in our bodies.

Warburg knew this, but he thought that cancer could be controlled by decreasing blood glucose levels. As cancer research progressed, and the evidence mounted that a considerable number of other factors could cause cancer, Warburg persisted in the belief that his theory was the only fundamental explanation and that the later evidence was nothing more than a distraction from the essential truth that glucose was the cause.”

Here’s Warburg, doubling down on his theory:

“Cancer, above all other diseases, has countless secondary causes. But, even for cancer, there is only one prime cause. Summarized in a few words, the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.”

Based on what Dr Rothfeld’s actual vaccine/cure seems to be, Rothfeld is not entirely sold on the Warburg theory that all you have to do to prevent cancer is keep sugar away from those sweet-toothed little cancer cells. The sugar-depletion strategy is but one arm of Dr Rothfeld’s multi-armed strategy. However, his presentations share other features of the spiels from Brad Lemley, Al Sears, and their fellows. One is the standard assertion that the medical-pharmaceutical axis is doing everything possible to suppress his revelations, because his vaccine/cure would render all drugs and medical interventions unnecessary and redundant, so the whole med-pharm complex would founder.

Dr Rothfeld reveals the suspicious information that Big Pharma gave $837 million to the FDA, in return for which the FDA has declared open war on his Universal Vaccine. He courageously asserts that he will not be intimidated by the FDA and will continue to spread the valuable news about the Universal Vaccine “until they drag me out by the feet, which they might try to do.”

Therefore, says Dr Rothfeld, we must listen to this important news and act quickly before the FDA gets the Universal Vaccine banned outright.

What “acting quickly” means is to subscribe to his newsletter, for about $78 a year, in return for which you will also get free copies of his books. Which book you get depends on which presentation you were listening to. The one linked with the Universal Vaccine promotion is The Universal Vaccine: Disease-Proof Your Body Now. However, the promotion also touts another book of his, Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and More. Whereas the Universal Vaccine is a booklet, only 40-some pages, Cured is a mammoth tome of 500 plus pages. But if you subscribe to his newsletter, you get both the booklet and the book “free.”

Another reason to act quickly is that there are only a limited number of Dr Rothfeld’s books still available, so to make sure that you get one of those highly valuable books that could save your life, you have to respond to the promotion immediately, right away, NOW! Do not stop to ponder whether Dr Rothfeld’s claims – that his miraculous treatment can reverse Alzheimer’s disease, cure cancer, avoid heart disease, eliminate diabetes – are genuine or somewhat exaggerated, or even pure hogwash. What can you lose? The newsletter is cheaper than a visit to your physician, and the book is free.

Moreover, you know in your heart that at least some of what Dr Rothfeld says is true, or sort of true. For instance, you may have recently read or heard that Pfizer chose not to publish a study that reported that patients treated with their drug Enbrel (etanercept) had a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, on the grounds that doing a clinical trial large enough to substantiate that result would cost them something in the neighborhood of $80 million. There’s Big Pharma suppressing information that could be world-changing for a huge number of people, just because they want to save an amount of money, which to Pfizer should amount to peanuts. (Never mind that Pfizer gave as their reasons for not pursuing that line that there was no clue as to the mechanism through which etanercept could protect people from Alzheimer’s, and that etanercept doesn’t pass the blood-brain barrier, so how could it have such an effect?)

Yes, the medical/industrial complex is looking to protect its own bottom line, and that takes precedence over all other considerations, so why not take a chance of Dr Rothfeld’s miracle cures? Even if they aren’t really in the category of miracles, they might help just a little, right?

So, what are these cures?

“The miraculous molecule”

Dr Rothfeld here invokes another illustrious Nobel Prize winner, again without naming him. The Nobel Prize winner is surely Dr Albert Szent Gyögyi, who is credited with the discovery of ascorbic acid, which we all know as Vitamin C. Dr Rothfeld does identify Vitamin C, but only in a deliberately tricky way, e.g.:

“The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry named this molecule “2-Oxo-L-threo-Hexono-1, 3-lactone-2, 3-enediol.”

But it’s not too difficult to identify this molecule as Vitamin C. Rothfeld describes its “dynamic electron flow,” adding

“And by dynamic, I mean the Universal Vaccine helps electrons orbit our cells as incredible speeds approaching 2,500 feet per second.”

This supposedly creates a “safe zone” within which no disease can thrive.

Dr Rothfeld goes on to explain, at wearisome length, that we poor humans are unable to synthesize our own Universal Vaccine, and therefore we must rely on other sources. He refers to an enzyme, identified as the GLO enzyme, which enabled humans to synthesize the Universal Vaccine, but tragically, we lost that enzyme 85,000 years ago. He implies that the amounts of the Universal Vaccine that we can ingest from plant sources is barely minimal, and certainly not enough to ward off those menacing diseases. This is in sharp contrast with many animals, which are indeed able to synthesize the Universal Vaccine. He says,

“In fact in one study, a team of NIH scientists demonstrated that some animals can produce 10 times more of the Universal Vaccine when faced with adverse health conditions.”

And the benefit from having plenty of Universal Vaccine in our systems – according to Dr Rothfeld – is huge:

“A study at Cambridge University shows that folks with high levels of Universal Vaccine in the blood have half the risk of death from all causes.”

He goes on to refer to Dr Linus Pauling, who supposedly showed that Vitamin C increased the survival rates of cancer patients by 660% – except that he doesn’t actually refer to Vitamin C. It’s always “Universal Vaccine.”

Rothfeld scores points in two ways with that statement – he works yet another Nobel Prize winner into his spiel, along with yet another staggering claim.

So it’s evident that the “Universal Vaccine” is at least very, very close to Vitamin C. Close, but not identical. Rothfeld’s spiel includes statements such as that he will show those who buy into his promotion how to get the “Universal Vaccine,” and also that it’s available in various formulations for different uses. He is clearly not going to tell people to run to their local drugstore and buy Vitamin C. No indeed! If you want the “Universal Vaccine,” you can get it straight from the source, the Rothfeld Apothecary, which is part of the Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine.

And, by the way, the Rothfeld Apothecary is also your source for a range of supplements, which they procure from the most reliable and reputable sources, if they do say so themselves.

The huge claims don’t stop with the “Universal Vaccine.” Here’s how Rothfeld wraps up one of his promotions:

“There’s something else I want you to have…

“You see, over the last 20 years, my team and I have scoured the world in pursuit of cutting-edge treatments that change lives.

“During our process, we’ve uncovered hundreds of incredible cures and treatments that most folks have never heard about.

“Recently, we put all these cures and treatments into a special encyclopedia called Cured: 81 Natural Cures for Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s and More…!

“For Example:

  • On Page 183, you’ll discover how to stop crippling arthritis pain, without meds. In fact, this natural cure is PRESCRIPTION-STRENGTH. At the same time, it’s safe and non-addictive so you can take it every day without worry.
  • On Page 180, we’ll introduce you to the 4 Inflammation Busters, and how they can keep your joints from being obliterated.
  • On Page 255, you’ll learn how to erase 20 years of aging in just 90 days. This alone could change your life fast!
  • On Page 215, you’ll learn how to banish asthma…
  • Are you having trouble hearing as well as you used to? Not to fear. On Page 267, you’ll discover 5 ways to avoid a hearing aid!
  • On Page 261, we’ll reveal the six Super Herbs that will stop vision loss in its tracks!
  • On Page 285, we’ll share a phenomenal No-Diet weight-loss secret that will have your friends and neighbors asking “How’d you do it?”
  • Tired of sniffling, sneezing, and sinus pain? On Page 345, we’ll share an all-natural allergy remedy that will give you blessed relief!
  • On Page 373, we’ll let you in on our Energy Bolt Secret. Get ready, because you’re going to feel the vim and vigor of a young colt romping in the fields.
  • On Page 387, you’ll learn how to halt and reverse hair-loss that natural way.

“And that’s just scratching the surface. Cured includes over 500 pages of cutting-edge health tips you can start using immediately.”

What are the “81 Natural Cures?”

Your ever-skeptical Doc Gumshoe did not click on the link in Dr Rothfeld’s promotion and obtain the book, but some brave soul did, and put the list on the internet, with extensive comments. I have neither the time nor the patience to reproduce the whole thing (and you have neither the time nor the patience to read it), but here’s how that list starts off:

  • Apricot pits is the first one mentioned, including a note that they contain cyanide and that selling apricot pits may be illegal. The famous supposedly cancer-killing drug, Laetrile, was made from apricot pits and has been demonstrated to be entirely ineffective as a cancer treatment. Laetrile and apricot pits were discussed extensively in “Supplements and Drugs: The Feud Redux,” which posted October 2, 2016.
  • Anvirzel, a drug in Phase 1 & Phase 2 clinical trials, from Ozelle pharmaceuticals, a non-toxic herbal extract.
  • Arginine, which when injected into cancerous tumors in rats back in 1980, shrank the tumors significantly. Later research has not been so promising.
  • Artemisin, from Chinese wormwood, has reportedly shrunk breast cancer cells in a test tube.
  • Beta-glucans, which have been shown to aid the immune system.
  • Bindweed extract inhibits the growth of cancerous cells in mice.
  • Bovine cartilage, according to the National Cancer Institute, may have some value in inhibiting cancer growth. Some clinical trials may be underway.
  • The Budwig Diet, consisting of flax oil and cottage cheese, proposed by Dr Joanna Budwig, boosts the immune system and reduces cholesterol, and inhibits cancer growth.
  • Carnivora, which is an extract of the Venus fly trap, supplies essential nutrients to the immune system.
  • Cesium chloride raises the pH of body fluids on the theory that cancer cells thrive in acidic (pH below 7) and anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions and cannot thrive when the pH rises to about 8.0.
  • Chelation therapy removes toxic heavy metals (mercury, nickel, lead) from our bodies.
  • Curcumin is the active part of turmeric, an Indian spice. It prevents the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro. An obstacle to its therapeutic use against cancer in humans is that it is poorly absorbed. However, it is the subject of considerable current research. Curcumin was discussed in detail in a Doc Gumshoe piece entitled “Somewhere Between the Next Aspirin and an Ingredient in Curry,” which posted on March 22, 2016.

The list goes on and on, including every supplement I’ve ever heard of. Just to name a few more: Essiac tea, Graviola, Green tea, Hypothermia treatment, Iscador (mistletoe), Lactoferrin, Modified citrus pectin, Omega 3 fatty acids, Resveratrol, Selenium, Stabilized aloe vera, VG-100, the Vibe machine, and Zeolite – and 55 more.

And then on top of the contents of Cured, Dr Rothfeld touts some of the amazing health miracles that are revealed in his newsletter. Behold:

“All I ask is one thing: You let me send you my monthly underground health-bulletin.

“And I’ll tell you right now, this will be the single most important thing you ever do for your health.

“First of all, each month, you’ll receive a brand-new edition of my underground health bulletin: Nutrition & Healing.

“Think of it as your Private Underground Information Channel, bringing you vital information you simply can’t get from mainstream doctors.

“This is the stuff Big Pharma does NOT want you to hear. But you know what:

“I’m going to put the details – the truth! – in your hands, each and every month.

“You’ll learn about new cures, breakthroughs, and treatments.

“Plus, you’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to use these breakthroughs to keep yourself healthy, vibrant and strong…”

And what, pray, might those “step-by-step instructions” be? Look no further than the Rothfeld Apothecary, part of the Rothfeld Center for Integrative Medicine. But to continue with the presentation:

“And make no mistake: The information you get in Nutrition & Healing could save your life.  For example:

“Our January 2018 issue alerted our readers to a deadly environmental threat. And the information could be a life-saver, for both you, and your children and grandchildren. Especially if they like to play outside.

“Our November 2018 issue gave our readers an alert about a hidden virus that is almost certainly hiding in your cells right now, especially if you’re over 55. It shows no symptoms, but can prove deadly if not addressed.  Our alert tells readers exactly how to neutralize this killer.

“Our April 2018 issue exposes a serious cancer threat, coming from one of your most trusted and frequently used household accessories. Now, this alert may scare you, so be prepared. But the information could save your life. So it’s a must read, especially if you’ve been having recent headaches.

“These are the kinds of things you’ll hear about in Nutrition & Healing.”

The whole presentation/spiel is highly tempting. Is it my coffee maker, or perhaps my vacuum cleaner, that’s a serious cancer threat? And I would certainly like to be kept healthy, vibrant, and strong. I can afford the fairly modest fee to subscribe to Dr R.’s newsletter. When I find out exactly what those secret cures are, I’ll make up my mind whether to go with them or not. In all probability, I might say to myself, they can’t hurt, and they might possibly help.

The confident assertions of Dr Rothfeld and his kind that there are simple unitary causes for cancer, heart disease, and all those other plagues that they claim to be able to successfully combat … those assertions are in stark contradiction to what is actually known about those diseases. But what is actually known is highly complex. Regarding Alzheimer’s disease, what is actually known is murky, indefinite, and not very satisfying. It’s much more comfortable to assign a single, simple cause, and then to come up with the single, simple solution.

Unfortunately, human physiology, and the diseases that attack it, is never simple.

What about that virus that “causes” Alzheimer’s disease?

Harking back to where we started out, Rothfeld pins the blame on the Herpes simplex virus type 1. There are studies that show that immune changes related to HSV-1 are somewhat more common in older persons with Alzheimer’s disease. No cause and effect relationship has been determined or even suggested. A possibility is that immune changes related to Alzheimer’s disease cause more reactivation of the virus, which might have been dormant for decades. In other words, maybe it’s Alzheimer’s that causes those changes and not the other way around. And by the way, it’s estimated that up to 80% of people in the US harbor this virus. That probably includes you and me.

But does going along with Dr Rothfeld’s plan present any actual harm?

Only if it prevents us from seeking legitimate medical treatment for our health needs. My preferred example is the sister of a friend’s wife, who had breast cancer. She refused medical treatment, and chose instead to rely on an “alternative” regimen that emphasized herbal infusions and the “healing rays of the sun.” She died after about 18 months of this therapy.

* * * * * * *

I really appreciated all your comments about the egg piece. I didn’t even mind the ones that implied that I am a nincompoop and don’t really know anything about climate change. But I do think that making the egg discussion (which was about the underlying causes of heart disease) into a combat zone about the causes of climate change is sort of an abuse of Travis’s hospitality. Speaking of eggs, a little piece in Science Times, discussing the contribution of prepared foods to obesity, recommended eggs in the diet as an excellent non-fattening source of protein. They didn’t say how they should be cooked or what they should be served with. I suspect that makes a considerable difference. Thanks and best to all, Michael Jorrin (aka Doc Gumshoe)



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3 years ago

This guy and Al Sears should have a cage match, winner gets to spam ALL the financial newsletter lists weekly… snake oil lives forever!

3 years ago
Reply to  Jami

I agree Al Sears promotes his own “High Priced” supplements that you can obtain on Amazon for a lot less money! Also he tries to hook you into Auto Refill which from what I hear is very difficult to cancel.