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Is a “World-Class Mine Well Outside the ISIS Conflict” Setting a Company up to skyrocket 2,448%?

Friday File look at a Boron teaser from Keith Kohl

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 13, 2015

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This latest pitch from Keith Kohl and the Angel Publishing folks, for the Oil & Gas Trader newsletter, is all about a rare element that’s mined in relatively few places, and which they say is both threatened by ISIS and about to make a small mining company wealthy (and us, of course, since we’ll no doubt be owning buckets full of shares of whoever this miracle miner is).

I finished up this piece just before I heard about the heartbreaking terrorist attacks in Paris earlier today… so I scrapped the “ISIS is Pissed” headline that Keith Kohl has been using to push this ad — I would imagine they’ll probably drop it at this point, too, but they’ll probably find another way to tease out this stock idea and get us all intrigued. The theory behind the ad is that Turkey will find itself under attack from ISIS, this will shut down their production of this key mineral, and the world will turn to our “secret” miner that’s located elsewhere to provide needed production.

Ah, sometimes it feels so good to get a mining teaser again! We’ve missed you, miners!

Here’s how Keith Kohl’s email introducing the Oil & Gas Trader ($799) ad opens:

“You may not recognize its name, but there is a ‘miracle mineral’ that is quietly and quickly changing the world around us.

“Chances are you use this material in every facet of your day­-to-­day life… from the car you use to get to work to the cookware you use to make your dinner.

“It’s in the flat­-screen TV you use to unwind, and it’s part of your house, keeping you safe and warm.

“In fact, according to Science Daily, without this mineral, plants and animals would die….

“A full 72% of this mineral is currently being threatened by ISIS, but the good news is that there is one small company, currently trading for less than a dollar, that is ready to address the coming supply gap.”

I’ve held off on writing about this one for a few days, since I don’t particularly want to fan the flames when we’re dealing with tiny mining stocks — I’d generally prefer to write about microcap stocks for a smaller group (that’s you, dear Irregulars), lest we make the shares spike even if I say something skeptical ...

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