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Friday File: “The Fifth Greatest Trade of All Time … what no company has done in the history of the market”

Looking At Oxford Resource Explorer's pitch for a mid-December major event, plus some Friday File updates

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, November 6, 2015

Before I get into a bunch of updates for companies I follow and/or own, with some good news and some bad news, I do have a quick teaser solution to toss on the fire for you…

This one I got late today, and it’s from the Oxford Club’s Dave Fessler — he’s pitching his Oxford Resource Explorer by telling us that he’s got one company he’d choose if he had to turn $100,000 into a million. Here’s how the email I saw starts:

“In mid-December 2015, a single company will do what no company has done in the history of the stock market.

“In short, the government granted it the right to operate in a very lucrative new trade business.

“And this special status could result in one of the biggest profit jumps we’ve ever seen.

“Consider the advantages it has…

“One, this business comes with profit margins as high as 82%.

“Two, it’s already signed six contracts with ‘fixed fees’ guaranteeing at least $2.9 billion in annual revenue – a near 1,000% increase from the $267 million it makes now.”

And he talks about how two billionaires put a combined $3 billion into this company, representing — so he says — great conviction on their part.

“How to Make 5-10 Times Your Money on… ‘The Fifth Greatest Trade of All Time’

“Two Billionaires Just Put $3.03 Billion Into This Single Opportunity…

“And if I were given $100,000 and challenged to turn it into $1 million, I’d put every penny on this stock.”

Bold, indeed. So who is it? You’re my dearest friends, the mighty Irregulars, so I won’t make you sit through the whole spiel… he’s pitching Cheniere Energy (LNG), which operates what will become the first US LNG export terminal at Sabine Pass.

It’s a great story of a company, and it may well turn into a fantastic business eventually — but it probably won’t be as magical as Fessler is teasing. Here’s how Oxford touts it:

“In December of this year, a single company will begin buying a certain product for $2.60 here in the States that has been sold globally for $10 or more.

“It is the FIRST company in America allowed to do it.

“Just recently, the government granted it a license for this business model… giving it what amounts to one of the greatest competitive advantages of all time – a ...

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