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Friday File: “The $13 Billion Gold Anomaly”

Whats being teased by Bill Patalon's Private Briefing as "The $1 Platinum Miner Set to Hit $100?"

By Travis Johnson, Stock Gumshoe, December 2, 2016

Today we’ve broken the Friday File up into two parts for your convenience — part one is all about a couple high-dividend technology stocks that look appealing to me right now, including one I bought a bit more of recently, and this one’s about a teaser that’s being foist upon the world by Bill pantaloon at Money Map about a “gold anomaly.”

So let’s dig right in — this is the intro to the ad:

“An event so rare, it’s only happened twice in 20 years, and it’s happening again now. We call it…


“You’ll call it the greatest wealth event in 20 years.”

So what is this “gold anomaly” that’s about o happen “For only the third time in recent history?” Well, the short answer is that it’s the fact that platinum prices have dipped below gold prices… which has only happened a few times in the last 20 years (though platinum and gold have been mostly quite close to each other since 2009, and that “rare anomaly” where platinum drops below gold and then rises back up above gold again happened a couple times in 2013 and 2014, depending on how you measure, and platinum still dropped below the gold price in 2015 and has pretty much been below gold since then.

Platinum, like its cousin palladium (and like silver, for that matter), is a little tough to figure sometimes because it’s not purely a precious metal — despite the fact that platinum and palladium are far, far more rare than gold, their prices seem to be driven much more by industrial demand than by “flight to safety” or “currency crisis” or even “shiny jewelry” impulses among individuals. Gold has historically been “money” and holds that place in the minds of a lot of people of different cultures — not so platinum, which is mostly in demand because of its role as a catalyst in catalytic converters, and which therefore sees pricing driven largely by auto sales.

Which is not to say that it makes sense for platinum to be cheaper than gold — it doesn’t, both because we know intuitively that platinum is almost infinitely more rare than gold and much more difficult to find and mine, and because platinum has usually been significantly more expensive than gold, on a per-ounce basis, for most of recent history. Here’s a chart of ...

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