Teaser Tracking

These spreadsheets track the performance of stocks teased in investment newsletter teaser emails and revealed by articles at Stock Gumshoe, assuming a purchase of the stock on the date the email was first seen or written about by the Gumshoe and held forever. Stock prices are live with a 20 minute delay, and the sorting (best performers at the top) is updated… every once in a while. Do note that occasionally splits or consolidations or takeovers happen that aren’t necessarily reflected in these spreadsheets, though we fix them when we notice them, and sometimes tickers change — if you notice one that’s off, please let us know. Anything with a #N/A next to it means the data is not available, usually because there’s no current price for that ticker symbol or the symbol has changed (or the company went bankrupt or was acquired and disappeared).

There is a different spreadsheet for each year, based on the year the stock was first teased, so you’ll see separate boxes for each year’s picks. You can also access the Google spreadsheets directly by year if you want to play with the data on your own — just use these links: 2020, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008and 2007. Feel free to use the data as you like, please credit and link to StockGumshoe.com if you do anything public with the data, and note that it might contain errors.

For more information about these companies, use the link in the right column of the spreadsheet to visit the original Stock Gumshoe writeup.

To submit a new teaser email or website ad for review, forward the email or link to the Gumshoe at ILoveStockSpam@gmail.com or use our Contact page. Thanks for visiting!

2020 Spreadsheet

2019 Spreadsheet

2018 Spreadsheet

2017 Spreadsheet

2016 Spreadsheet

2015 Spreadsheet

2014 Spreadsheet

2013 Spreadsheet

2012 Spreadsheet

2011 Spreadsheet

2010 Spreadsheet

2009 Spreadsheet

2008 Spreadsheet

2007 Spreadsheet

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